Car Batteries

Today’s vehicles demand more from their batteries than ever before. Modern stereo, satellite navigation and lighting systems can drain a battery quickly and a weak or poorly charged battery may not have what it takes to start your engine, especially in cold conditions. Our team at Reading Drive-In will be happy to inspect and test your electrical system and if necessary replace it with a high quality, high capacity battery.

What does a car battery do?

Your car battery supplies power to all the the electrical components in the car such as the stereo and the lights and crucially,starts the engine.

Which car battery should I get?

The increased electrical demands of a modern car mean that having the right battery is essential to deal with cold starts and get optimum performance from your vehicle. At Reading Drive-In, we only stock top quality batteries and can advise you which one is best suited your needs.

How long should a car battery last?

Depending on the battery you have, it should start your car between 20,000 and 50,000 times.

How do I dispose of an old car battery?

You can give your old car battery to us at Reading Drive-In and we will dispose of it safely. Alternatively, you can recycle used batteries at your local council recycling centre.

Reading Drive-In are proud to be IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) members, providing professional recognition in an industry that relies on integrity and safety.

To find out more about our Car Batteries in Reading, get in touch online or call us directly on 0118 957 3649

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